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Each photo below is linked to one of my fandom related websites.
Each link will open in a new window.  I'm also a big fan of Man From U.N.C.L.E., Star Trek
and Star Wars but those do not have their own websites and will be incorporated into this site eventually.

~* Anime Buffet *~

I've been a fan of Japanese animation and manga long before it became popular.
This website contains scans of various artbooks, shitajiki (pencil boards) and other collectibles I've gathered over the years plus pictures from three conventions I've attended with friends.

~* Doujinshi Delights *~

Doujinshi are Japanese fan-made manga of popular series.  In Japan, not only are they  legal, some of the best doujinshi artists have become professional manga artists.  While some dj are adult in nature, there are many that are not.  I collect only G or PG ones. 

~* Robert Dowdell Official Website *~

I am the Webmistress for Robert Dowdell's official website.  He is a retired actor of stage, TV and movies.  His best known role was as the XO, Lt. Commander Chip Morton, in the sci-fi series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea about a nuclear powered submarine.

~* Rat Patrol Screencaps *~

Rat Patrol was a 60's TV show about the WWII exploits of a Long Range Desert Patrol team of Sgts. Troy and Moffitt and Privates Hitchcock and Pettigrew causing havoc with their armed jeeps vs. the Germans during the North African Campaign.  Their primary adversary was an honorable German officer named Dietrich.

~* Morton Moments:  a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea site *~

Voyage was a 60's sci-fi show featuring the adventures of Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane and the daring crew of the S.S.R.N. Seaview, a futuristic nuclear submarine.  The episodes ran the gamut from straight espionage to non-stop action to alien encounters to supernatural happenings to atmospheric thrillers.  The first two seasons were the best though the last two seasons did have some gems amid the "Monster of the Week" offerings.
LadyKirin - Young at Heart!