LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart!


I'm not much of an artist, but I do enjoy illustrating my RPG characters and Neopets!

The left four drawings were first sketched in pencil on paper, then scanned into the computer where they were inked and colored. Sailor Wroona's costume was inspired by the Japanese SeraMyu (Sailor Moon) musical costumes, hence the double skirt and fancy trim.  The two Sailor Hoth drawings are a good bit older and were drawn first in pencil, then colored with Prismacolor pencils and inked with a Micron pen.  As I was still learning about proportion, these two sketches were based on the Blue Lynx circle's Sailor Moon doujinshi style of drawing. The Trunks pencil sketch was based off of a sticker that had a jacket so I 'removed' it to focus on drawing manly muscles.  ;)  Just click on the thumbnails to see larger version.

Neopet Art Gallery and Beauty Contest Entries

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DBZ was created by Akira Toriyama. Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi.
Star Wars was created by George Lucas. Sailors Hoth and Wroona are mine.

My cartoons of an aquatic version of fanfiction plot bunnies have their own website!

LadyKirin - Young at Heart!