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Wedding Day in June 1987

Son on Waikiki Beach beside
Duke Kahanamoku statue - 2010

NAME:  Kim Q., aka LadyKirin, JediKirin or KirinQ
AGE:  fifty-something
FAMILY: happily married to a wonderful engineer & have a terrific son who is currently in college.
PROFESSION:  High School Physics Teacher.
EDUCATION:  B.S. in Physics with a minor in History, Master's in Library and Information Science.

COLORS:  blue & silver
FLOWERS:  white roses, plum blossoms
MUSIC:  very eclectic tastes ranging from classical to jazz to rock to folk to celtic to choral
SPORTS: hockey - Tampa Bay Lightning, baseball - Rays and Cubs.
FICTION:  fantasy, sci-fi, action & adventure, naval (Hornblower or Ramage), WWII novels, mysteries (esp. D.L. Sayers), historical novels and MUCH more.
NON-FICTION:  physics, ancient & medieval history, archeology, world religions, art, naval science
MOVIES:  Star Wars saga, Indiana Jones trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Errol Flynn or Tyrone Power swashbucklers, Fred Astaire musicals, anything with Cary Grant or Maureen O'Hara,  artistic martial arts movies such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Hero, silly but witty movies such as Young Frankenstein (that's Frahnkensteen)
TV:  'classic' shows such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Rat Patrol, Man From U.N.C.L.E., all incarnations of Star Trek except Enterprise, some old school anime, select British comedies such as Monty Python and Wallace & Gromit, most things on Discovery, Home & Garden and History channels
HOBBIES:  reading, singing, trying to draw, playing with hubby and son, scrapbooking, used to study martial arts and fencing, playing with my embroidery/sewing machine to create Things, crocheting, exploring Celtic and Franciscan spirituality, researching miscellaneous mysteries and other facinating topics via the Internet and libraries.
COLLECTIONS:  kirin, Star Wars LEGO, stuffed animals, TV/Anime stuff from my fav shows, doujinshi, kitties, carousel horses, old church hymnals, as well as Disney, Hard Rock Cafe and other assorted souvenir pins.


Cody, our current benevolent feline overlord, in his favorite spot on my computer desk

~* Over the Rainbow Bridge *~

Samson McKitty aka Batcat

Kitty Bim




Star Wars Movies fanLord of the Rings Movie Trilogy - A superb adaptation of the classic trilogy!Warrior woman!Gandalf Fan!Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home - One of the most enjoyable of the Trek movies!Handsome and lethal!He makes archaeology sexy!!The Princess Bride - A wonderful and sometimes wacky yet touching movie! :)Big Trouble in Little China! - Wang Chi ROCKS!!  <g>
One ping only...Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly at his finest!!Casablanca - Play it, Sam!Feed me!!!Just look at the little red light...I'm Arthur, King of the Britons!"What we do in life echoes in eternity"A horse-lover's dream!
Galaxy Quest - By Grabthar's Hammer...what a savings!A pirate's life for me!!The candy man can!!That's Frahn-ken-steeeeeeen!This is SPARTAAAAA!

Classic Trek still rules!!TNG - worthy successor to classic TrekI loved the deeper, darker drama of DS9Stargate SG-1Stargate: AtlantisRonon Dex from Stargate AtlantisNaval Criminal Investigative Service - I'm a 'Ducky' fan! <g>And now for something completely different...Dark Shadows' tragic vampire, Barnabas Collins
I loved the Hornblower mini-series!One of the best series ever made for TV.Ahhh, what a man!!! :DScary classic that actually expected its viewers to be somewhat intelligent.

Physics is Phun!For a good time call.....It's chaotic!!The periodic table is your friend!!I love pi!!
I dig archaeology!Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.Tesla - Unappreciated Genius

My favorite genre!Anne McCaffrey - Her Dragonriders of Pern books were among my earliest fantasy reads! :)I love Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea books!One of my favorite authors of all!
Jules Verne - One of the earliest scifi/fantasy authors!  He imagined things decades before they were ever created. :)His work should be required reading!From the Count of Monte Cristo to the Three Musketeers...pure swashbuckling adventure and pathos.

I soooo love Lego!!  Got my son addicted too! heheheGood luck!Shhhhhh!!  Sleepy kitty!!Adorable kitty!
I have a bunny, black cat, leopard, floppy eared bunny, gator and Hello Kitty!I still have some of my very first MLPs!


DecadenceChocolate Cake!Chocolate TrufflesChocolate Ice Cream!!Cupcakes
Chocolate Covered StrawberriesDumplings - I got addicted to potstickers while visiting San Francisco. :)Bento BoxDim Sum
GingerFajitasNachos! Salsa!Gyros
Fresh baked bread and butter...doesn't get much better than this!Cheesy Goodness!!ShrimpSteak - Medium Rare, please!Popcorn - must have much butter and the killler orange popcorn salt!!!

Manga Fan!Manga ArtbooksDoujinshiWatase Yuu is one of the finest manga artists there is!!
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonDragonball ZSailor JupiterMacross - MaxRurouni KenshinSakura Taisen/Sakura Wars

Best.Game.Ever.  Just one more turn...Half-elf rangers, unite!Neopets - Been playing since May 2001!Classic cut-throat capitalism!Mahjong

LadyKirin - Young at Heart!