LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart!
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I'm mom to a wonderful son!December baby! - Turquoise - Love, happiness and luckChinese Zodiac - 1958 Year of the Dog
My Element is Earth!
I became a resident around my first QBee anniversary!One-click bees get a cookie!!!  :DI was a 'photographer' for the old version of the Daily Bee!I've made over 200 trades, including those who are no longer members.
I'm on the QBee Birthday calendar!  Put your birthday up too!For taking part in the 2005 Clover activity!!NYE '05 Block Party!!  I gave out three gift patches to my neighboring bees!
I took part in the fourth BBS round robin story!
5/20/04 - The QBee awarded me this patch for having a creative/well-designed patch! :D  Many thanks to whomever nominated me!!!!1/06/05 - My Quilt was named a "Cozy Quilt"!! Many thanks!I was named Bee of the Week on 5/14/04!!!!  :D  Many, many thanks!!!8/18/04 - My honeycomb submission was named Honeycomb of the Week!!  Thank youuu!! My Chinese Restaurant Honeycomb got chosen as a Favorite Honeycomb!!  Thanks so very much!! :)Thanks soo much for the nomination and for voting!
I won Best Patch Design in the February 2003 Golden Honeybee awards!!  Thanks to all who voted!!Award for one of the Best Patches in the March 2005 Clover Activity!!  Thanks for voting!!! :DMy butterfly was picked for the week of 9/5/05!  Many thanks!!I received this for donating a set of quilt organizer patches! May 2004I was named a Random Bee-ut on 10/14/05!!  Many thanks for the nomination!!  :DMy '05 Halloween Patch was 'Bee's Choice'!!  Thank you!!I submitted some organizer patches!
I made the QBee Spotlight!!!I won 3rd place for Best Pixelling in the Summer '07 Aquarium Activity!  Many thanks!!My peppermint ornament got 2nd Place in the Overall Favorites category in 2007!  Many thanks!!My cupcake won 3rd place in the "Overall Favorites" category!  Many thanks to all who voted!My military bears won third place in the Dress the Honeybear contest in '09I won 1st Place for Most Creative Fan AND 2st Place for Best Pixelling in the Hanami activity!  Thanks to all who voted!


I've been an official Quilting Bee member since August of 2002!!  Though the QBee is inactive now and many of the patches no longer link to active websites, I decided to keep this main page as a remembrance of a wonderful time of creative pixel art creation and online friendships!  At one time, I had over 100 active member quilt patches!

Award Mushrooms
I was named Bee of the Week on 5/14/04!8/18/04 - My honeycomb submission was named Honeycomb of the Week!! For the Aquarium 07 activity!!I hid eggs for the 2007 Easter Egg Hunt ActivityMy Chinese Restaurant Honeycomb got chosen as a Favorite Honeycomb!!awarded for Best Patch in Clover Activity 2005I received this shroom for being nominated as a Random Bee-ut!I was in the Bee's Spotlight!5/20/04 - The QBee awarded me this for having a creative/well-designed patch!I won Best Patch Design in the February 2003 Golden Honeybee awards!!1/06/05 - My Quilt was named a "Cozy Quilt"!!I'm a 'photographer' for the Daily Bee Newsletter!!bumble bee shroom for donating organizer patchesI was a winner in the Hanami Fan Activity!

Kirin #170 - my submission for the Dress the Honeybear contest!
2009 Dress the Honeybear Contest

Summer 2004 Honeycomb Event
2004 Honeycomb Event
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