LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart!
LadyKirin - Young at Heart!

Baby Layouts

Some of Michael's baby album pages are found under Holidays.
This was my very first scrapbook, so layouts start out pretty simple but
get a bit fancier as time goes by!  Used a CM 12x12 album for the extra room.

Hubby took pics of me each month in the same place wearing same dress.  Used CM templates for matting

CM stickers and Borderline.
Poem is from a card.

Some Mrs. Grossman stickers used along with CM ones.

Used a scallop paper punch. First one purchases! Note son is wearing a baptismal suit, not a gown. :)

Traced a shell soap dish for the scallop die cut. Was lovely service just before daybreak!

from a CM layout

from a CM layout

Mrs. Grossman stickers

Paper Pizzaz & Mrs. G.

Used CM Borderline 4 road

Mrs. Grossman stickers

CM stickers & diecuts

More Mrs. Grossman stickers!

Yet more Mrs. G stickers!

Made my own football field with Sakura opaque pens

CM star and 'art deco' frame templates

Mrs. Grossman stickers & CM heart template

Paper Pizzaz background and Mrs. G's stickers

Mrs. G's stickers  & outer part of die cut letters.

CM Borderline and stickers
  from the 1st Bday pattern
End title of Baby Book.
Poem found on Internet
LadyKirin - Young at Heart!