LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart! LadyKirin - Young at Heart!
LadyKirin - Young at Heart!

Kid and Family Layouts

These are layouts from my son's 2+ year album and our family album.
As time passed, I started keeping just a family album though I'll do a school album
for Michael which will hopefully be finished before he graduates high school!
~* Click on the thumbnails to see the larger picture *~

Bear is from Annette Ward's Clip Art CD Rom.  Heart cut out and decorated by me.

Used spiral punch for curls.  Traced my own Fiskar's scissors.

Close up of the poem.  Found it on Internet.

Mrs. Grossman stickers

Just Fiskar's fancy scissors and lovely portraits taken when we got church pics.

Mrs. Grossman stickers and CM Borderline

Paper from Francis Meyer. Freehand cut the sandbox

This was before you could buy Cheerios paper.  Took a 2 gal ziploc bag of Cheerios to Kinko's & color copied it.

Used a lettering template for the title, but created the stripes myself by cutting freehand in contrasting colors that matched the Tigger invitation.

Traced his hand and foot then used a hand punch for frame & Paper Pizzaz.

Paper also from Paper Pizzaz.

Idea from Memory Makers magazine.  Cut big drops freehand then added Mrs. Grossman edging and splash/bubble stickers.

Idea from Creative Memories layout book.  Used CM template and Frances Meyer paper.

Generic Thomas the Tank Engine stickers found in grocery store.

DJ Inker's Clip Art

CM wavy borderline and punch used to make mat and corners.

Idea from Memory Makers magazine.  CM templates and paper.

Clip art from Annette Ward

Mrs. Grossman stickers and hand drawn ants.

Hand drawn ants. Hand cut watermelon and tablecloth

Mrs. Grossman stickers &

freehand cut strawberries.

Puzzlemate template and

 ladybug paper
LadyKirin - Young at Heart!